Taylorsville Lake – Crappie and Catfish

2013-04-27 18.27.41A few days ago, in late April went to Taylorsville lake for an outing with my brother and some of my nephews.  It was exciting for me, as it was the second time having the boat on the water.  The plan was to put in at the upper end of the lake and go for some crappie if the water was clear enough.  While out, as there are cats a plenty there, we were going to drop out a few jug lines (mine are noodles) and see what we could catch.  Lastly, there was a tentative plan to head up into the Salt River and see if we could get in on the white bass run.  Fall back was to head down to the damn area where it would likely be clearer.

Our arrival found us thinking the water was clear enough from above the ramp and so we proceeded to put the boat in the water.  Some arranging, as the boat gets a little cramped with four people and we were off.  Immediately, we all decided the water tint had been misjudged and that it was a little muddier then anticipated.  We decided to bait up a few jugs and toss them and try for some crappie anyway – since we were there.  The lines were out and off the brush and trees.  After a few small cats and several moves we finally picked up a crappie or two here and there.

The wind got up a bit and I decided it would be best if we focused on getting the jugs that did not have weight up before the they got in the shallow cove.  While picking those up, we got a good cat.  We all discussed that have a blue gill or two for bait would be nice and then is what we tried for next, along with the crappie.  But the wind was being to much.  We cut across the lake to a sheltered cove/creek.  While trying for gills, we got hot on the crappie.  Only issue, of the twenty or so we caught, only one was above the 9″ size limit there on Taylorsville.

As for white bass, well, my new to me boat had just had most of the wiring put in place for the depth finder, but I forgot the head unit – despite putting it right by the door.  I was not really willing to chance up the river with out some idea of the depth we were running, having never done that before.

The crappie were just barely to small, the wind was up off and on again and again.  We decided to pull in the jugs and call it a day – besides the nephews lack of fishing focus was starting to drive me nuts.  Redemption came from the jugs – as we picked up another three I think, one of which was a nice 3.5 pound fish.

Notes:  Catfish bait was mostly shrimp (with garlic/salt), nightcrawlers & few catapula worms.  Crappie were caught about 1/2 on minnows and 1/2 on popeyes with a wax worm.


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